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Pictures of Marburg

While having been in the USA for a few weeks in 1998, I learned that many americans love german castles and old cities. God gave me the privilege of living in such an old city, and so I decided to put some pictures on the web for you to enjoy.

If you are after landscapes rather than medieval buldings, you might want to look at my nice landscape pictures page.

On April 10, 2003 I moved into a cute appartment in the 4th floor of a bulding right in the center of the old city. It's a nice feeling to see pictures of Marburg being shown somewhere by somebody and be able to point at it and say "I live here"

These pictures were taken by myself, walking through the city with a Sony MVC-FD83 digital camera (1024x768 CCD, 3 x optical zoom). Unless there are laws I don't know, there should be no copyright restricitions on them. Use them for any purpose you like. I'd like to receive comments how you like them.

To save your download time, on this page I only show thumbnails. If you want to see the real thing (1024x768, 200-400kB), just click on the thumbnail.

If you want to look at a map, open a new window in your browser and go to http://www.marburg.de/mr_stadtplan/ (provided by the Marburg Tourist Office).
You can find some more pictures of Marburg at their "Impressions" webpage.

Now just imagine a bright summer sunday of 2001 and join me on a walk through Marburg:

Marburg castle and old city from 1 mile
south I start at my appartment (near the south edge of the map, a bit west of the centre) and walk a few minutes downhill (to the west) and on the Konrad-Adenauer bridge (the smaller yellow road crossing the wide yellow Autobahn) there is a magnificient view looking north to the castle and parts of the old city ("Oberstadt", upper city), catching some of the green along the river Lahn.
Schwanallee, a recently rebuilt main traffic
road After crossing the river Lahn, the street changes its name to Schwanallee (swan's alley) and curves to the northwest and then north, being the western border of "Südviertel" (southern quarter). The street and the sidewalk has been rebuilt just this spring, so the purposely nostalgic lantern still shines brand new. In the background you can see some houses between lots of trees, already on the western hill.
Flowers at Wilhelmsplatz looking eastward At the northern end of Schwanallee, where the major Universitätsstraße (university street) crosses from the east, there is Wilhelmsplatz (william's square). In Summer, flowers are planted there, making for a quite nice look.
Marburg Castle seen between trees from
Sybelstrasse Walking straight on and trying to keep going uphill, one passes through Sybelstraße which is pointing almost eastward now, where one gets the first close glance of the castle - together with some trees and other houses.
Marburg Castle from the back (east) After some curvy uphill walking, the castle appears in full size - but from the back (east).
East half of Marburg Castle After passing some side buildings one stands before the main building - large enough that it is hard to photograph without those "falling lines". So I took part by part. This is the east half.
West half of Marburg Castle This is the west half, which I think is the more picturesque one.
The large clock of Marburg Castle A nice detail of the building is the large clock, which happens to point and ring high noon just at the moment I took the picture.
Gate at the north edge of Marburg Castle Walking just right (north) of the main castle building you see a huge gate with a bridge, linking two parts of the building.

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